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With winter just around the corner, the winter sport scene is ramping up at full pace. Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds are chock full of reports from sport organizations and athletes as the last training sessions wrap up and thoughts are dispensed about the upcoming season. Behind the scenes, work is continuing at a feverish pace as well and along that line I’m excited to announce the release of a recent project, that Biathlon Canada has launched their new web site at

This will be the third time I have provided the creative for the look and feel of the Biathlon Canada site, and this go-round is a marked departure from what we’ve used in the past. Created as part of the overall rebranding that I am working on with Biathlon Canada, the template artwork features … Read More »

Everything’s Bigger in Texas

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In the spirit of “Everything’s bigger in Texas” this update highlights big visuals, rides, inspiration and music.

I’ve been spending the last couple months evolving the Cross Country Canada brand and some cool projects are starting to see the light of day. I’ve worked with CCC to standardize fonts usage, colour selection and application, how we use images, all to present a united look and feel across all the various channels the organization employs. The first projects to come out since are a new 10′ pop-up display graphic along with the first couple corporate bannerstands. The brand has evolved in response to these changes with the addition of a red ‘faceted’ background, accented with a ‘shard’ of fluoro yellow and a greyscale background around the close cropped skiers. The net effect is far more eye-catching and dynamic … Read More »

It’s a Wrap, Again.

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Quick update today… Pics of the latest effort in Cross Country Canada’s fleet branding arrived in my mailbox a couple days ago – a Mercedes’ Sprinter 2500 Passenger van getting the treatment this time. The art follows the same concept that I applied to the Tour de Ski tour bus I wrote about here.

I had plenty of inspiration putting this wrap together as Devon Kershaw was in the midst of tearing up the World Cup circuit after his fourth place finish at the Tour de Ski. Chandra meanwhile, posted her best finish in the classic discipline with a 5th place in Drammen, Norway.

Four down and just a Dodge Ram left to do before we close the books on this one. Para-nordic skiers, are you ready for your close up?

Better Brandmarks. My Rule of 3.

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Though we are bombarded by logos constantly, many pass by our eyes with barely a flicker of recognition or seem to be at odds with the company they stand for. So what traits elevate the best brandmarks above the rest? The following are 3 key features of effective identities. If you’re considering branding or re-branding your business, I learned these early and follow them on every mark I create.

Be Honest
We ask a great deal of our brandmarks now. We cast them to the winds on every manner of paper, pixel and product hoping they’ll be breadcrumbs followed back to our door. With so many possible points of engagement, it’s crucial that your identity be an honest reflection of your business, it’s principles, goals and aspirations. There’s no greater potential for disconnect, than a customer … Read More »

The Magic Bus

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The Tour de Ski. A 9 day European competition for the world’s best XC skiers. For 2010, Cross Country Canada makes a bold decision to ferry our athletes throughout the tour via private luxury coach. The space and facilities to relax and recuperate between events propels our team to incredible results. They nick-named it the Magic Bus. Fast forward to the  2011 Tour de Ski, throw a world championship win for Devon Kershaw and Alex Harvey in the mix, now self-styled rock stars of the XC ski world. The bus is back, but this year needs something extra… and befitting of 3 of the world’s best skiers. That’s when Cross Country Canada called me.

Over the last couple years, I’ve worked with CCC to tighten the marketing for the National Ski Team into a concept that evokes to … Read More »

Brandmark: Hazlewood Images

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Hazlewood Images started 2012 with renewed energy. Focused on budding opportunities in food and lifestyle photography, Photographer Marlon Hazlewood approached me to create a new mark for Hazlewood Images. Aiming to position his company well amongst culinary and lifestyle clientele, the mark needed to reflect the quality and detail that Marlon is known for.


In meeting Kris, I knew immediately that his talent transcends arranging elements of design into pretty layout. His intuitive nature and understanding allowed him to design a new identity based on my personal style and vision for my business. It’s a branding that works, plain and simple. I look forward to many more collaborations with Kris bringing his design savvy to the table to complete an overall look for my commercial clients.

A key feature of the … Read More »

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With winter just around the corner, the winter sport scene is ramping up at full pace. Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds are...

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Everything’s Bigger in Texas

In the spirit of “Everything’s bigger in Texas” this update highlights big visuals, rides, inspiration and music. I've been spending the...