Everything’s Bigger in Texas

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In the spirit of “Everything’s bigger in Texas” this update highlights big visuals, rides, inspiration and music.

I've been spending the last couple months evolving the Cross Country Canada brand and some cool projects are starting to see the light of day. I've worked with CCC to standardize fonts usage, colour selection and application, how we use images, all to present a united look and feel across all the various channels the organization employs. The first projects to come out since are a new 10' pop-up display graphic along with the first couple corporate bannerstands. The brand has evolved in response to these changes with the addition of a red 'faceted' background, accented with a 'shard' of fluoro yellow and a greyscale background around the close cropped skiers. The net effect is far more eye-catching and dynamic and I'm looking forward to rolling the look out over the coming months.

With some big rides approaching, bike time is on the rise. Sunday was a beautiful 130km romp through eastern Peterborough County leading from Peterborough to Stoney Lake to Trent River and back to the city. Mid-ride church pics seem to be obligatory this year, and Sunday was no different with this white, wooden church near Crowe's Landing (have I mentioned I love Instagram before?). Given a few minutes I'll give them their own due in a separate post but for now you can see more on Instagram, user Kris_Sieber.

Tuesday was a quick group ride for Ride for Africycle coming up in August. Michael VanDerHerberg, Steve Leak and myself rolled out for a quick loop southwest of Peterborough. Unfortunately, Andrea couldn't join us having spent the day feeding grizzly bears at the Metro Zoo, and the Blondels, Dave and Mel, are off riding bikes in some cycling backwater called Holland (I'm not jealous. Actually, I'm not. Apparently it's been raining constantly). Hoping that as the ride draws nearer, we'll get more riders out.

Strava is a neat web app that brings the social media community to cyclist allowing them to track their rides AND compare them to other riders. It also has a neat bit of functionality that allows rides to be displayed on personal websites. Want to know where my bike has taken me lately? Check out the bottom of my home page or sign yourself up here and find me on strava.com

Speaking of big rides, there's an inspiring ride happening in France right now. No, not that one. I'm speaking of the the Reve Tour, and features 6 incredible women riding the Tour de France route one day ahead of the race itself. It's a fantastic story and I'm so impressed not just at their determination, but at the fantastic ways they are using web and social media to chronicle their ride. Start checking it out here www.reve.cc or at Peloton magazine

Bringing this update back around to the creative industry, one other person who is chronicling Reve 2012, is photographer Michael Robertson of Velodramatic. Michael, a Canuck living south of the border, produces stunning cycling photography for the likes of Specialized and Bicycling Magazine but really most of his work is just art, pure and simple. One of the great aspects about Michael's site is his commentary that covers both sides of the shots – the visual inspiration and the technical/grunt work that led to it. A great resource for photogs whether you ride bikes or not.

And finally, everything is bigger in Texas. The Historic Red Dog featured a killer performance from Austin, Texas-based The Bright Light Social Hour. Admittedly, I'd not heard of them, but the beauty of social media is the buzz that preceded their show, and they certainly did not disappoint. Off of their performance at the Ottawa Blues Fest, TBLSH brought big, loud hard rock, blues and hair in a musical tour de force. Just signed to Maple Music, they're definitely on the way up. Catching them Monday for $5 was a steal so be sure to check them out if they are in your neck of the woods.

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Everything’s Bigger in Texas

In the spirit of “Everything’s bigger in Texas” this update highlights big visuals, rides, inspiration and music. I've been spending the...