Nick Sieber Photoset

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A broader spread of images I shot of Nick Sieber this past weekend. It’s always a blast to slide into an alternative creative role, see things from a different perspective, and work for the hardest Creative Director I know. See my previous post Falling, Falling, Crash to see the final images paired up with my design work, and to hear one of Nick’s tracks from the upcoming EP.

TALKING POINTS: Visual Social Media

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I tweeted a fast Company article yesterday, titled The Rise of Visual Social Media, which raises an interesting trend – that photos are superseding words as the backbone of content. For several reasons, the article resonated with me, not the least of which is my own perspective and use of social media has gravitated towards visual of late, and that as a visual communicator, it brings social media closer that much closer to my expertise.

On the flip side, an underlying theme that gave me pause was it’s contrasting of the “content is king” mantra vs. “a picture being worth a 1000 words”. While the article doesn’t declare a winner, I’ve always believed that “content” was all-encompassing of copy, imagery, video and design, and any serious shortfall in one would hobble the others. What experience … Read More »

Cooking Made Picture Perfect

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I love to cook. I’m not sure if it was borne out of a love to eat, or the other way around. Either way, the alchemy of flavour and texture, colour and form that cooking offers is entrancing. And as a designer, there’s always the visual appeal of the final step, presentation. So, many a time I’ve looked at a just-finished dish and longed to capture it, to savour long after it’s faded from my taste buds, but always came up wanting.

As a designer with a cooking problem, I have a hearty cookbook problem to go along with it. It’s unavoidable really. Each new one that came home wasn’t entirely about the recipes, but the stories they told, history and traditions passed down and so on. Or so I would tell myself. But as my … Read More »

INSPIRING: Impossible Photography

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I’ve come across Erik Johansson’s fantastic and mind-boggling ‘photographs’ a number of times over the last few years, and in this brief TED talk from London he delves into some of the thought process behind his truly unique work. Fans of photoshop or M. C. Escher should get a kick out of this.

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Nick Sieber Photoset

A broader spread of images I shot of Nick Sieber this past weekend. It’s always a blast to slide into an alternative creative role,...

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